Science and Computer Laboratories

These are times of innovations that call for scientific temperament to be nurtured among students in their formative years. Thus, fully equipped and suitably designed laboratories for various subjects be it physics, chemistry, or biology are very much the need of the hour. For this reason, SVKM School has made Science Labs a key component in the infrastructure checklist.


Activity Rooms

In any school, activity rooms equipped with the latest multimedia technology can serve as an ideal platform to showcase not only students’ various performances but also be a good utility for conducting various educational programmes. Put differently, the activity rooms serve the students’ need to express their passion for music, dance, and elocution.

Music Room
Art Room
Music Room
Dance Studio
Pre Primary Garden

Sports Facilities

Every child today views some or the other sports personality as his/ her ideal. Be it martial arts, cricket or skating, students wish to learn something at school itself to break the routine of curriculum-based education. Thus, the availability of sports facilities, basketball court, tennis court, cricket pitch, volleyball court and an indoor games have been factored for all-round development of young minds in the school which ensures that it is at par with the best in any metropolitan.

Indoor Play Zone
Indoor Games
Martial Arts

Scholastic Facilities

Classrooms and libraries are integral to successful teaching and learning. A classroom environment conducive to learning encourages participation, teacher-student interaction, and a positive culture for learning. Furthermore, students who have access to engaging books in their library exhibit higher reading achievement, better comprehension, and an increased vocabulary. When students are provided with well-designed classrooms and a well-stocked library, they interact more with books, spend more time reading and develop into inquiring, responsible citizens and lifelong learners.


Other Amenities

Sick Bay